More than a badge

Collecting badges can be fun, but when you want to demonstrate competency, they can sometimes lack the pedagogical context and substance. allows you to build complex syllabi, rubrics and evaluations that are issued alongside of the accreditation. These allow you complete flexibility to deep dive into the foundations of the accreditation, and truly understand the accreditation holder’s capability.

Features Curriculum - Syllabus, Rubric, Evaluation Curriculum

Accreditations are more than demonstrating competence, they hold the granular details that articulate exactly what those competences are, and how well they were attained by the accredited. In the same way, a school will follow a syllabus when teaching, now you can to.

By creating Rubrics, Syllabi and Evaluations you can compare accreditations to get a deeper insight into the accredited and ensure coverage as training programs change and evolve.

the Syllabus

The Syllabus allows you to create a matrix of performance against outcomes that the accredited must demonstrate. Let’s examine a basic performance metric for a syllabus such as: Curriculum - Syllabus, Rubric, Evaluation

Using this matrix, you could evaluate a learning objective. Using a popular example of Workplace Safety, imagine assigning Working Towards, Achieved or Working Beyond to this learning objective...

“Influence the design and procurement of the workplace and equipment to minimize electrical hazards.” Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board

Once you’ve defined your outcomes and your matrix, accreditations can then be bulk issued against the syllabus structure through the API (pulling in your learning data) or evaluated in real time.

the Rubric

The Rubric, similar to a syllabus allows you to define a matrix of achievement and criteria, but also allows you to build descriptors that can be selected and written to the accreditation. Rubric

Descriptors describe the output of a criteria, against the performance matrix. By providing descriptors you can communicate the expected quality around the accreditation.

the Evaluation

Evaluations, just like the Syllabus and Rubric, allow you to customise and build complex form like evaluations that can be completed at the time of issuing an accreditation, templated for later, or pushed via the api.