For Accrediting Bodies

Credit, only where it’s due.

leverage an open platform to easily…

Innovate and automate your certification and re-certification processes.

Manage the life long learning & professional development lifecycle of all of your members, in any stage of certification or re-certification.

Build and customise certification pathways that matter to your industry.

Surface profession and industry wide insights and skill analytics.

Place your members at the centre of your certification process, reducing learner data management, operational overheads and frustrations.

Protect your brand and fight credential fraud with verifiable, secure accreditations.

leverage an open platform to easily...

How can Accrediting Bodies use

Example: Medical Imaging

A medical imaging standards body requires their members (Radiographers, Ultrasound Technicians etc) to provide yearly evidence and alignment of their professional development. This can be; Attending conferences, internal and external training, as well as self evaluations and other learning experiences. By integrating with the platform, this medical imaging body can streamline and automate the entire Certification > Development > Re-Certification workflow, powered by the professional standards, training, practices and evidence requirements that matter to them.

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Credit, only where it's due