Acreditation types

The first iteration of digital credentials paved the way for exploring new ways and formats of describing your accreditation. has re-built these formats from the ground up, allowing flexible, verbose, descriptive elements that give you a clearer picture of what the accreditation truly means and the skills the accredited actually hold.



The recipient of this accreditation has demonstrated theoretical competence. Theoretical may refer to or include an examination, self-assessment, preliminary course completion.

Theoretical accreditations differ from practical accreditations as they are typically issued immediately after an assessment or as part of completing a course.

Theoretical accreditations work together with practical accreditations as further proof the theoretical learning is being applied practically. Accreditation Type - Theoretical


The recipient of this accreditation has demonstrated a practical competence. Practical accreditations should be issued when theoretical skills are demonstrated and / or applied in a practical environment.

Examples of a practical accreditation may include:

  • Additional follow-up to theoretical accreditations.
  • Demonstrations of continued practical application, e.g. Professional Development.
  • Preliminary practical application e.g. Student Teaching. Accreditation Type - Practical


The recipient of this accreditation has demonstrated a social competence. Social accreditations bridge the gap between traditional theoretical skills and common practical skills.

Social accreditations are issued by those who have witnessed the social application of competence.

Examples of this may include:

  • Instructors / Coaches. Accreditation Type - Social


The recipient of this accreditation has completed the requirements of an accrediting body or organisation, and is subsequently admitted into an organisational membership.

Examples of this may include:

  • Chartered management accountants.
  • Nurses & health professionals.
  • Educators. Accreditation Type - Membership


The recipient of this accreditation has received an Award. Award accreditations are typically included in accreditation bundles as support for Theoretical, Practical, Social or Membership accreditations. Accreditation Type - Award


A document can be shared to support your other accreditations in an accreditation bundle.

Examples of this may include:

  • Right to work / visa document.
  • Statutory declaration. Accreditation Type - Document8