Digital accreditations for the real world

Our current methods of issuing and managing accreditations, certifications and professional development are broken. Slow, print based documents held together with hacky excel files expose everyone to risk. Let’s fix it together.

Digital accreditations for the real world

Everything you need to track and demonstrate competence, mastery and compliance.

Track and Manage your learning journey

It’s 2019 already, why are we still carrying around paper degrees, certificates and accreditations?

Digitise your accreditations and certifications with to manage your lifelong learning profile. Easily provide employers or perspective employers access to your accreditations and training history when needed, while remaining completely in control of your privacy.

Bundle your accreditations with a portfolio, allowing you to easily expose many accreditations in one, while also enabling our Smart Insights. Our portfolio Smart Insights works to help you better understand the skills demonstrated in the accreditations you hold, and offer suggestions on additional training opportunities.

Update your profile settings to let recruiters find you by your accreditations and detected skills.

Everything you need to track and demonstrate competence, mastery and compliance.

Manage Employee Certifications and their Professional Development

Manage, track and report on internal training and qualifications.

Internal training is just as important as any other qualification. Manage which of your employees have completed mandatory training such as “Data Privacy” or “Anti-Bribery / Corruption” and then track exactly when refresher training needs to be provided.

Using to track your internal training provides you with an easy way to demonstrate competency and compliance against varying frameworks.

Everything you need to track and demonstrate competence, mastery and compliance.

Integrate anywhere

Memorialise the learning with a life-long digital accreditation while promoting your product and reaching a wider audience.

If you provide training, why not provide your learners with a digital accreditation? An accreditation not only demonstrates your authority in the field, but also provides a living advertisement for your company.

If you provide a learning solution or product, using the api you can automatically issue accreditations upon completion of your solution or product, including custom data from your product. This data can include things like time spent, attempts, or even grades.

Because your brand is important, issuing verifiable digital accreditations, allow you to ensure that everyone claiming to be certified by you are authentic.

Because you issued it, you also now to get to track how it is accessed. You’ll know when and where someone verified an accreditation you issued. Get high level dashboard data on the engagement and track your own website referrals.

The training you provide might not be forever, and if given an end date, an digital accreditation will remind you and the recipient as it is about to expire. Expired accreditations appear differently when verified, indicating that while the accreditation is legitimate, it has now expired and should be treated as such. Use these customisable, webhook enabled reminders to automatically promote a re-fresher course reminder, or a discount for future training.

Everything you need to track and demonstrate competence, mastery and compliance.

Accreditations are more than just a university degree. Theoretical and practical applications of knowledge can be demonstrated with certifications across many fields, while also supporting social and emotional growth.

More than a badge.

Collecting badges can be fun, but when you want to demonstrate competency, they can sometimes lack the pedagogical context and substance. allows you to build complex syllabi, rubrics and evaluations that are issued alongside of the accreditation. These allow you complete flexibility to deep dive into the foundations of the accreditation, and truly understand the accreditation holder’s capability.

More than a badge.

Curriculum Powered is far more than a badge. We use curriculum to enrich accreditations so that we can gain deep insight into the true skills of the accreditation holder. Using advance Machine Learning techniques we can get to the heart of every accreditation.

Rich Insight

Print accreditations leave no trail, who knows if they were even read? Using your digital accreditations work for you, showing you where, when and how your accreditations are being consumed, while still giving you ultimate control of your privacy.

Lifelong Learning

Manage your lifelong learning journey and support your professional development. Allow your employers access to your prior learning and skills while enabling further career development


Track and Manage your employees accreditations and professional development at scale

It’s simply not enough to take a paper accreditation and force it into a digital format. That’s why we’re re-thinking what it means to be accredited.
See the difference for yourself