so, what is it?

While working with some of the world’s largest education and training providers, it became clear that some of the biggest problems facing education isn’t always the course or the content, but rather keeping track of who has completed what course or who is competent with which content. In the age of digital healthcare, in an environment that requires heavy investment in cyber security, we can no longer take people at their word when they proudly display a badge or a resume spouting competence and achievement. We are facing problems that can’t be ignored, and has to be solved by people with the right skills. sets out to solve the accreditation crisis facing our hospitals, our schools and our workplaces by changing what it means to be accredited, and building new standards to support global, portable accreditations.

Using our framework for digital accreditation, and relying on similar technology that enables bitcoin and blockchain, creates immutable transactions recording specific pedagogical details. The details are attached to your accreditations, turning your educational experience into curriculum rich transactions of learning and achievement.

who is

Lucas Moffitt
Lucas Moffitt Founder CEO

Lucas is an ex-teacher, education industry leader, with a proven track record of both delivering and supporting others deliver, world class, efficacious education products and services globally. Specialist in designing and building education products and informatics.

Hong Nguyen
Hong Nguyen Adviser

Hong is a strategically focused senior executive who is technically strong in the areas of finance, accounting, sales and operations. Specific experience in high growth, acquisitive and multinational businesses and proven track record of high performance.

Mario Arlt
Mario Arlt Adviser

Mario is a VP, Project Management with ABB and an Adjunct (Hon) Professor with DTU, Technical University of Denmark. Mario’s expertise includes designing and implementing large commercial learning, competency management and certification programs.

Scott Bagby
Scott Bagby Adviser

Scott is an entrepreneur who has spent two decades in the technology start-up world. He was one of the first employees at Skype and has been an executive at multiple technology companies in various sectors from telcoms to music to education. His forte is building global teams for fast growth companies.